The Healthy Workers Across Industry Incentive Program

Available Funding of Up to $2,000

Overview of the Healthy Workers Across Industry Program

Industry associations and peak bodies are well positioned to actively promote and work with their members, and businesses are ready to take a more active role in workplace health initiatives. Business SA respects that industry associations and peak bodies know the circumstances, needs and challenges experienced within their own industry and member businesses. They have experience when it comes to driving a change agenda and have communication and support mechanisms in place to implement positive change.
Business SA is proud to be working with SA Health to deliver a Healthy Workers Across Industry Program. Business SA is committed to working with all interested South Australian industry associations and peak bodies to advocate for and support workplace health and wellbeing initiatives within industries and member businesses.
Financial incentives are available to encourage the creation or enhancement of industry-led healthy workplace initiatives. Please note that you do not need to be a Business SA Member to access our support. This funding provides financial incentives to South Australian industry associations and peak bodies to assist in supporting workplace health and wellbeing initiatives across industries.
Incentive recipients will receive free one-on-one support from our Healthy Workers Adviser to plan and implement an initiative tailored to the needs and interest of your industry.

Eligibility criteria

  • Organisations must deliver services or support to the South Australian community
  • Registered ABN or be incorporated
  • Industry association, business association, peak body whose membership are workplaces/business
  • If the organisation is registered for GST, then GST will apply to the incentive amount

What type of activities will be funded?

Innovative ideas and projects are encouraged. Initiatives can include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Sponsorship of workplace health champions to attend training and professional development
  • Raising awareness of workplace health and wellbeing action with leaders of your membership
  • Workplace health promoting event at a conference/networking event
  • Awareness raising education sessions for your membership
  • Development, implementation and/or printing of specific industry health and wellbeing resources 
  • Sponsorship at Industry Award/s to recognisie members providing healthy workplaces

Important dates

Incentives are available from October 2018 until April 2019 (unless expended sooner). Projects must be completed by 30 June 2019.

What is the application process?

  1. Carefully read through the Healthy Workers Across Industry Program Flyer and the Promoting Workplace Health and Wellibeing brochure
  2. Contact our Healthy Workers Adviser to discuss your initiative
  3. Complete a short on-line application form at the bottom of this page. As part of completing the on-line application form you will need to consider the following as part of your Proposal:
    1. Provide a summary of what you are planning to do
    2. Describe who it will benefit and how
    3. Describe how might the benefits be sustainable after the project period
    4. Provide details of what will be the proof of implementation
Please note that the on-line application form cannot be saved and therefore you must complete it in its entirety. Each textbox in the on-line application form can contain a maximum of 400 words.

If you are having difficulties completing the on-line application form, you can complete this word version of the form and email it back to:

Following successful notification

Following successful notification, you will be required to:
  • Provide proof of successful implementation
  • Invoice Business SA for the approved funding amount and provide relevant bank account details
  • Complete Business SA evaluation survey – a 5-minute online survey pre and post initiative
The Healthy Workers Across Industry Incentive Program  is funded by SA Health

Application Form

To be eligible for this funding you need to be an industry association, business association or peak body.
Maximum 400 words
Maximum 400 words
Maximum 400 words
Maximum 400 words
Is your organisation registered for GST?:

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