About Efic - Finance for Australian Exporters

When Efic helps you grow, it helps South Australia Grow

At Business SA we’re committed to working for your business and working for South Australia and that’s why we are delighted to form a strategic partnership with Efic, who are also passionate about helping South Australian exporters grow.

Who is Efic?

Efic is committed to unlocking finance for export success.

Efic is a specialist financier that delivers simple and creative solutions for Australian export companies – to enable them to win business, grow internationally and achieve export success.

As Australia’s export finance agency, Efic operates on a commercial basis to provide financial solutions for: 
  • Small & medium enterprises (SMEs) that are exporters
  • Australian companies in an export supply chain
  • Australian companies looking to expand their business operations overseas to better service their clients
  • Australian companies operating in emerging and frontier markets

Helping South Australian companies access finance

Efic uses a range of products to help Australian exporters of all sizes, and those in an export supply chain, receive the finance they need, such as: 
  • Small business export loans, which are designed specifically for small business exporters needing finance to support a single export contract
  • Export contract loans, where Efic provides a loan to support a specific export contract or purchase order
  • Export working capital guarantees, where Efic provides a guarantee to your company’s bank if your company doesn’t have the assets that its bank requires as security to approve further working capital for an export contract or purchase order
  • Bonding facilities, including bonding lines and contract-specific bonds, which are used if your company’s bank can’t support the total bonding requirements for a specific project
  • Overseas direct investment guarantees, where Efic provides a guarantee to an Australian bank so that the bank can approve the funding needed for your company to expand overseas. 

Efic is here to help 

Through these products, Efic has helped many South Australian exporters and subcontractors take advantage of new contract opportunities that may otherwise have been out of reach.

To find out how Efic could help your business achieve export success, visit the Efic website, email Andrew Perkins, Director SME – SA, phone Andrew directly on (08) 7070 6862 or contact Business SA on (08) 8300 0000.

You can also follow Efic on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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