China Shopping List

Is your product on China's shopping list?

It could be! Through the Export Growth China office in Shanghai is often approached by our sales network of over 7,500 businesses in China including importers, distributors, wholesalers, retail chains and eCommerce players who are looking for quality products from Australia.

Below is a list of common products that are in demand from Chinese buyers with examples of purchase quantities required. If you believe your business has the capacitiy to supply these kinds of demands, check out the Export Growth China Program.

Suppliments and Vitamins

Example: 5000 units per quarter


Example: 10-20 containers per year

Fruit and Veg

Example: $1-1.9m annual purchasing quantity of orange juice

Raw Food Material

Example: 50-100 containers of low gluten wheat flour


Example: at least 50 tons per year of varoius cuts


Example: 10 tons of butter per month

Cosmetics and Skincare

Example: one 20 ft container of various cosmetic products per month

Bottled Water

Example: initial order one container load


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