Case Study - Liquid Systems

Liquid Systems (SA) sits in a unique market – there aren’t many companies around the world which have a product quite like theirs – which deliver fertilisers into soil at the same time as seeding.

While the company already has a deal with John Deere and can get its products into Canada and the US, Liquid Systems Business Manager Patrick Whitfeld recognises that the right strategy could deliver huge growth in this market and that there are other export markets to consider.

Patrick has taken part in this year’s Export Ready Program, which has helped him with the planning needed to try new markets, and the tools to effectively carry out international market research, evaluation and viability checks.

“The Export Ready Program was a chance to stop and come up with a strategy to go forward and look at export markets,” Patrick says.

“The key thing is to do your homework, do your research and put some thought into evaluating the markets and whether it’s really viable, and attempt to quantify it.”

The company is considering exporting to markets including other regions in North America, Russia, Central Asia and Europe – every continent where farmers are looking for efficient and reliable systems to improve their crops.

“We’re still in the planning and research phase at this point in time but we can see it’s going to help us hone our efforts when we look at taking on a new market,” he says.

Click here to find out more about our Export Ready Program.

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