​FTA’s – What are the opportunities?

FTAs foster freer trade flows and create stronger ties with our trading partners.

FTAs don't just eliminate tariffs, they also address behind-the-border barriers that impede the flow of goods and services between parties, encourage investment, enhance cooperation, and can address other issues, such as intellectual property, e-commerce and government procurement.

FTAs can increase Australia's productivity and contribute to higher GDP growth by allowing domestic businesses access to cheaper inputs, introducing new technologies, and fostering competition and innovation.

FTAs promote regional economic integration and build shared approaches to trade and investment, including through the adoption of common Rules of Origin and through broader acceptance of product standards.

FTAs can enhance the competitiveness of Australian exports in the partner market and add to the attractiveness of Australia as an investment destination.

FTAs can deliver enhanced trading opportunities that contribute to the sustainable economic growth of less-developed economies.

FTAs can continue to provide benefits to parties as the agreements are implemented, including through phase-ins and in-built agendas that encourage ongoing domestic reform and trade liberalisation.

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