Why Become a Member?

At Business SA, we’re for growth. Our business is designed to help your business grow. 

It’s as easy as this: we grow your business, we save you money and we watch your back. But behind this concise ethos, there are so many benefits a membership with Business SA affords you and your company. 

From our business advisory service that will help you manage your staff to unlimited networking opportunities that will help you build and leverage hugely beneficial new relationships our members have told us time and again that these are the things that makes being a member worth it. 

The same goes with our range of workplace relations services – having a foolproof plan developed has kept Business SA members safe and sound and proven its worth day in, day out. 

It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or large, our products and services are tailored to match your needs: no excess, no overkill, just everything you need at your fingertips and delivered in a palatable form. 

We offer small business the resources and support they otherwise wouldn’t have to lean on. Nobody need be an island when it comes to Business SA’s 4700-strong membership collective – sharing becomes a foregone conclusion. Our mentorship programmes are endorsed by many business leaders throughout the State and will help you kick your business up a notch or ten. 

Running a large operation? We know there are many things you already have covered but there are so many more we can offer. Connecting you with other businesses for building relationships or community engagement, is just one example. 

But there’s still plenty more on offer: access to member-only events, discounts on business expenses, regularly updated information on policy, regulation and employment documentation, the best training and education services in South Australia, insider insights and mentorship programmes, access to awards that can show off your acumen and achievements and last but certainly not least, connections to international trade options and the necessary certifications for making them happen. 

The real winners in business know that being an active part of Business SA is the way to ensure their company keeps moving upward and onward, steadily and safely. 

The bottom line being, we work with you on making your business profitable, sustainable, efficient, and competitive – that’s our job done well. 

With Business SA, it’s about widening your net, looking both ways and making the most of the springboard we can provide. As a united front, the possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to have you join us in making business the best it can be in our great state. 

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But we also work toward the growth of the state of South Australia, advocating and lobbying for change that will essentially mean money back in your pocket, which allows yet another avenue for your growth through reinvestment. We’ve been doing this for 177 years and we’re only gathering more steam.

It’s true that these three objectives push the growth of business across the board in South Australia, simply through the flow-on of effective government change.

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