Business SA has recently been involved in both the State Tax Review and Federal Tax White Paper process and directly advocated for the removal of stamp duty on business transfers which was announced in the 2015/16 State Budget. Assisted by our tax expert member reference group, we will continue to engage in the Tax White Paper process during 2016 to ensure South Australian businesses can operate with minimum restraint from inefficient State based taxes like payroll tax.

The recent decline in commencement rates for trainees and apprentices is particularly concerning for Business SA and we continue to advocate for the re-introduction of the payroll tax exemption for trainees and apprentices which was abolished in the 2012/13 State Budget.In a survey of its members, Business SA found that if the payroll tax exemption for apprentices and trainees had remained in place, three quarters of respondents would have employed more apprentices, and almost two thirds of respondents would have employed more trainees.

For further information please contact: Andrew McKenna at andrewm@business-sa.com or (08) 8300 0000.

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