SafeWork Subsidies

In conjunction with SafeWork SA we offer a Small Business Subsidy and a High Risk Subsidy that apply to selected training courses. You may attract up to $100 per person, per day off the cost of training on the following courses:
  • Health and Safety Representative Year 1
  • Health and Safety Representative Year 2
  • Health and Safety Representative Year 3
  • Re-elected HSR Refresher
Small Business subsidy ($50 per person/per day)*

If your business has a total of 100 or less employees that is not a subsidiary of a larger business, then you may be eligible for the Small Business Subsidy.

High Risk subsidy ($50 per person/per day)*

If you are in the following Industries you may be eligible for the High Risk Subsidy:
High risk industries:
  • Aged Care, Nursing and Convalescent Homes
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Hospitality
  • Labour Hire, Employment Services
  • Meat Products Manufacture
  • Road Transport
  • Horticulture
  • Food, Wholesale and Retail
  • Motor Trades
  • Automotive Component Manufacturing
  • Building Construction
  • Civil Construction
  • Plastic and Rubber Products Manufacturing
  • Metal Products and Machinery 
Elected HSRs or deputy HSRs being or having a person from a high risk occupation in their workgroup from a non-exempt organisation.  The following occupations are defined as high risk:
  • Heavy truck drivers
  • Mining, construction and related labourers
  • Meat and fish process workers
  • Metal fabricators
  • Mechanical engineering tradespersons
  • Product assemblers
  • Store persons
  • Automotive tradespersons
  • Forklift drivers
  • Product packagers
  • Agriculture and horticulture labourers
  • Delivery driver
  • Carers and aides
  • Food tradespersons
  • Cleaners
  • Sales assistants 

NOTE:  The industries and occupations are based on injury and compensation rates – therefore just because an occupation or an industry may be considered to be high risk (e.g. pilots), does not mean they fit the ‘high risk’ criteria.
To confirm eligibility please call SafeWork on 1300 365 255

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