Resilience and Mental Health

Course Outline

Since the pace and intensity of contemporary work culture are not likely to change, it is now more important than ever to build resilience in your workforce.

The Resilience and Mental Health course provides important information about the factors impacting mental health in the workplace. Learn how to recognise signs and symptoms of stress and the importance of mental health, including an
explanation of triggers and signs of mental illness.

Who is it for?

All employees

Course duration

Two Hours

Course Outcomes

  • Discover how stress and mental strain manifests cognitively, emotionally, physically and behaviourally
  • Learn about effective strategies to help promote resilience both at an individual and organisational level
  • Explore various ways to foster resilience in the workplace, including; proactive stress management, social support, and a manageable workload
  • Participants are also encouraged to be aware of their colleague’s mental health and stress levels, and how to respond should they become concerned

Delivery Format:


This course can be delivered to groups at your workplace. To obtain a quote please fill out this enquiry form.

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