Onsite Training

Business SA provides training programs which can be delivered in your workplace and tailored to the needs of your business. We also deliver a range of training programs in various locations across Adelaide and regional South Australia. This allows Business SA to tailor a training program to meet the specific needs of your business.

The major benefit of onsite training is flexibility. Existing course content can be modified and dates and training locations chosen to suit your specific business needs.

Onsite training with Business SA is:
  • Cost effective - Minimise travel and associated costs by opting to train at your premises. Fees for On-Site courses are charged at a daily rate, resulting in cost effective staff training
  • Flexible - Content and training materials can be tailored to suit your industry group or business sector. Course dates and locations are negotiated and can fit in with your work demands or internal professional development programs
  • Convenient - We come to you! Minimise time away from your employees’ occupation. Business SA will also organise training delivery dates and hours to suit your business needs, early morning/nights/weekends. It’s your training – it’s your choice
  • Confidential - Your company’s confidential material stays in-house
  • Immediate Application - Using real-life examples from your own organisation and by learning together in familiar surroundings, provides relevancy and accuracy to ensure employee engagement. Learning outcomes from on-site courses are more readily implemented with immediate benefit to your organisation. 
For further training enquiries please contact Cindy Jackway, Sales Manager at cindyj@business-sa.com or phone 0403 454 409.

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