Are you looking after yourself at work?

Maintaining positive health and wellbeing in the workplace is essential for productivity, according to Business SA member and Programs to Fit Founder, Tony Neill. 

He shares his top tips below:

Why is balancing health, wellbeing and performance in the workplace so important?

A healthy outlook on how you prepare, perform and recover in your workday will relate directly to your overall performance and output. This also has a broader impact on your lifestyle, habits and actions, not only in the workplace but away from work as well. Research shows that the speed of change and evolution is increasing, so avoiding 'burnout’, maintaining energy and output are critical to consistent performance.

How does Programs to Fit help businesses achieve this?

We start by sitting down with an organisation and reviewing what is working and what is not and finding out the needs of its people. We then provide a series of tailored seminars and interactive workshops, in which participants are actively engaged and informed. We also run on-site exercise and stretching classes to complement the program.

Why did you become a Business SA member?

After 18 years of running my own business, the opportunity became available to raise awareness in the field of Heath, Wellbeing and Performance in the workplace. With the assistance of Business SA, we are now expanding to country and regional areas as the demand for these types of programs increases.

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