AAIC drugs forum

In response to overwhelming community requests and the increasing use of ice and other methamphetamines in the community and the workplace, the Australian Anti-Ice Campaign is holding a community forum to discuss its impacts.

The AAIC forum, featuring Business SA discussing The Ice Age discussion paper, will be held at the Goodwood Community Centre, 32/34 Rosa St, Goodwood, on the 28 August at 6.30pm.

To read The Ice Age – The Drug Epidemic Hitting the SA Workforce, click here

The forum aims to educate, raise awareness, and provide access to support services for people struggling with ice addiction and families struggling with a loved one using Ice. The forum also aims to introduce the AAIC Ice Specific Education, Awareness and Brief Intervention Program to the Adelaide community.

The AAIC Program is designed to complement and work together with existing community groups and programs. The AAIC welcomes representatives from all rehab and detox facilities, schools, clubs, police, ambulance, hospitals and service providers, local, state and federal politicians to the forum, along with the business and general community.

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Australian Anti Ice Campaign director Andre’a Simmons, who is a recovered ice addict, lost everything to the devastating drug. She lost her family, her business, her house and investment property and her car.

Hear Andre'a share her story here:



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