Tips for ensuring a safe and successful workplace Christmas party

The warmer weather and thoughts of Christmas herald the beginning of the silly season and the celebrations that come with it. Some of those celebrations rightly include workplaces and colleagues.

If you have planned or are in the middle of planning your Christmas workplace party, you may need to consider ensuring alcohol is supplied and consumed responsibly. No-one wants a great party to be marred by inappropriate behaviour or injury, and there is a need to minimise risks to the business.Below are a few simple strategies to keep in mind before your Christmas party takes place and to ensure your celebrations create only happy memories:
  • Remind workers about drinking responsibly and not driving if intoxicated
  • Ensure an acceptable standard of behaviour is set and promoted before the party – and circulate your business policies. This should include no tolerance of sexual harassment, bullying, drunken behaviour or drink diving
  • Arrange Cab Charges or hire a charter bus to get workers home safely after the party
  • Ensure there are plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives for workers to choose
  • Start the food service at the beginning of the evening and ensure snacks are available throughout the celebration

Regardless of where your organisation is based, if you need any assistance before or after your Christmas party, please contact our Senior Consultants on (08) 8300 0000, or register your interest here if you have an issue you would like to discuss. A little planning should ensure you and your employees and colleagues have a great time and there are no red faces when you come back to work in 2019.

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