Are you paying your staff correctly?

The Fair Work Ombudsman has found 45 per cent of CBD and surrounding suburbs businesses to be non-compliant with workplace laws, including failing to pay employees correctly and with record keeping.

The FWO visited 125 businesses as part of its compliance and education campaign, targeting operators in the Adelaide CBD, North Adelaide, Norwood, Kent Town and Brompton.

The FWO found 29 per cent of the audited businesses were not paying their employees correctly, while 23 per cent had breached their record keeping and payslip requirements.

In response, the FWO recovered, $54,701 in wages and entitlements for 113 workers.

Inspectors issued seven formal cautions, six on-the-spot fines and three compliance notices to non-compliant businesses.

Ombudsman Natalie James said the checks were prompted by comparatively high numbers of requests for assistance from the area in the years preceding the campaign, with Adelaide, Norwood and Brompton among the highest in the state.

She urged businesses to ensure they were up-to-date on their obligations and use publicly-available information to ensure they complied with workplace laws.

The review demonstrated how complex workplace laws are for small businesses to navigate, particularly around pay rates, conditions and paperwork requirements, with some businesses identified in the audit as making honest mistakes.

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