5 reasons you need to attend a Chamber event

Have you been to a monthly Business SA Chamber event? If not, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to build mutually-beneficial relationships and tell others about your business. Here are five reasons you should attend a free Business SA Chamber event from Kerryn Page, director of Quisk Design and Chamber social media sponsor.
  1. To build visibility - being seen helps bring awareness to your business, your brand and its offering. It’s easy to forget people when you don’t see or hear them. Being seen helps you stay front and centre of mind.
  2. To build your network - embrace the opportunity to find new connections and build on existing relationships. This could be a new supplier, an advocate or your next customer or client. You could even introduce a new contact to someone else in your ownnetwork.
  3. To raise your profile - the more you are seen and heard the more credible your messages become. People will build trust and listen to what you have to say.
  4. To learn - take the opportunity to expand your knowledge of what is happening in an industry which is different to your own. What might be happening to someone could prepare you for a similar circumstance. What could you learn from someone and take back to your own business to build profit, improve cashflow etc?
  5. To build human connections - if you’re a micro-business, home-based or work in isolation from others, having real conversations with real people in a face-to-face environment can help you grow personally and professionally.
To ensure you never miss a Chamber networking event again, click here to save the dates for our remaining 2019 Chamber events.

Never been to a Chamber event and want to find out more? Watch this video of our recent Adelaide Oval event captured by member Mackbel Films, to see how you could benefit: 


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