Need some support or guidance to keep your business on track?

Whether you are looking for a mentor to guide and advise, or a coach to set you tasks and report on your progress, Business SA can connect you with both mentors and coaches, depending on your needs and objectives. For Against the Grain Publicity’s Leigh McGrane, (pictured), he needed a business coach to take his media and communications company to the next level.

Running a business is tough. You have to keep up with employer obligations, manage your costs, work with suppliers, make a profit and keep the customers happy. But while you are helping your staff and customers, who is helping you make sure you are developing a sustainable business?

Business SA can connect you with both mentors and coaches and while both can help you grow your business, each offers a different type of support. A mentor will guide and advise, supporting you to reach your business potential, whereas a coach will set you tasks and activities and report on your progress against an agreed set of objectives.

Leigh’s Against the Grain Publicity delivers large-scale media, digital and marketing campaigns for some of South Australia’s biggest events such as WOMAdelaide, Adelaide Fringe and Adelaide Festival, and recently invested in a business coach to help him define his path as a business owner.

“I wanted to learn from someone who had already been on this journey - to guide me on how to best approach running a business,” Leigh said.

“The business coaches and mentors offer a wealth of knowledge so I used that to my advantage, rather than worrying about what to do next.”

Thanks to the business-coaching program, Leigh is more focused on his mission and vision to create the company he wants.

“The biggest benefit was having someone external critically examine my business and its mechanisms and functions, and give me practical advice on how to do things better,” Leigh said.

“It’s easy to get carried away with the fun tasks, rather than those which need doing. My business coach taught me to look at the fundamentals of running a business and what needs to be achieved now, tomorrow, next week and next year. 

“The program has brought me back down to earth in a practical way, and given me the tools and advice to ensure my business is still here in 25-plus years.”

If your business would benefit from professional support and guidance, Business SA offers mentoring and coaching packs. We will work with you to select a mentor or coach who is perfectly positioned to understand your needs and help your business grow.  

  •  Five x one-hour sessions - $1375 (prices include GST)
  • 10 x one-hour sessions - $2750 (prices include GST)
Click here for to find out more, or for further enquiries, contact Anneliese Powell, Learning Solutions Coordinator on 8300 0114 or email


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