FCT Flames

FCT Flames provides flame and flame technology to large scale elite events, consisting of cauldrons, torches, monuments, and flame features of all types. 

The specialist combustion engineers at FCT Flames have developed into world class flame technologists, delivering the most challenging of creative concepts each and every time without fault.

FCT Flames has over 15 years' experience in torch relays, torch design and manufacture and working with some of the most creative entertainment experts in the world whilst being watched by billions of people.
Leading up to the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, FCT won the right to manufacture the torches, major cauldron and support flames for these games. The technical specification for all engineering elements were extremely challenging and FCT partnered with Adelaide University to develop unique igniters that would withstand the high standards of the Games.

Following the high success at Sydney, and against heavy competition, FCT Flames won the contract for the Athens 2004 Olympics. The creative concept involved the Olympic Rings lighting up as flaming circles on a stadium filled with water, a feat which had never been done before. FCT's performance was exceptional, gaining the highest praise of any Games. 

From Sydney to Athens, London, Toronto, Sochi, Singapore, Baku, and at elite games across the globe, FCT has developed into the supplier of choice for flames of Olympic standard. FCT Flames has also built a flame monument to a President and the RSL Torches for the Australian Gallipoli Centenary.

Each flame is a work of art. It must achieve a certain colour, height, shape and size and be strong enough to tolerate unlimited environmental and weather effects.  It must light on the very second that is demanded of it, without fault, injury or distortion.

The dedication to perfection, meeting the creative designers vision and delivering on time, every time has been the cornerstone of success for FCT Flames.

FCT Flames won the Creative Industries Award at the 2016 Business SA Export Awards.

To discover more about FCT Flames, visit www.fctflames.com/

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