Hallprint commenced in 1972 as a ‘mum and dad business’ printing self-adhesive labels in a room rented next to the Hope Valley Post Office.

In 1982, David Hall, a young fisheries biologist, asked his father Michael to produce fish tags for his research work in the River Murray and Coorong for the SA Fisheries Department. There were no fish tags available commercially in the world that stayed together and remained legible for the life of the fish.

Michael took up the challenge and began working late nights, engaging plastic technologists and meeting with other fisheries scientists before making a significant breakthrough.

Hallprint is a regionally based (Victor Harbor) niche manufacturing business employing 14 people that specialises in the production of external fish tags for fisheries research agencies.

Hallprint promotes the fact that it manufactures the best product of its type in the world and commands an estimated 60% of the global external fish tag market with scientists in many countries providing lasting testimony to the quality of their tags and services.

The tags have now been exported to over 100 countries worldwide and make up 75-80% of annual sales, backed up by expert and qualified advice on their use and application.

Hallprint produces the world's highest quality external fish tags for fisheries scientists, fish farmers, commercial fishing organisations and citizen science groups worldwide. Their use includes mark and recapture experiments to estimate various parameters of the fish population being studied, including the growth rate and movement patterns of fish as well as the size of the fish population.

The company has made significant innovations in external fish tags including pioneering the development of radio frequency identification (RFID) capability in such tags.

Hallprint differentiates itself in what is already a niche market by only supplying or on-selling products that considered to be the best quality of their type in the world, and comes from a deep understanding of the needs of fisheries scientists driven by owner and Managing Director, David Hall.

Hallprint won the Small Business Award at the 2016 Business SA Export Awards.

To discover more about Hallprint, visit www.hallprint.com/

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