Business SA is supporting the entrepreneurs and start-ups across a range of ‘smart’ industries that will define our future. Building on inherent strengths in food and fibre, fine wine, education and professional services, South Australia has emerging strengths in health, aged care, medical research, advanced manufacturing and assistive devices needed by a global market.

Naomi Murrell Studios

The South Australian Young Entrepreneur Scheme (SAYES) has been in operation for 18 years! We recently touched base with past participant Naomi Murrell from Naomi Murrell Studios.You participated ...

SAYES (SA Entrepreneurs Scheme)

What is SAYES?
The South Australian Young Entrepreneurs Scheme  When a young South Aussie entrepreneur launches their business idea into the world, we here at Business SA couldn’t be happier. Nothing floats our boat more than helping our state’s young entrepreneurs achieve their dream, and SAYES (South Austr...

Business Coaching

Business Coaching Past Participant Interview - Brick+Mortar Creative
What inspired you to start Brick+Mortar? I saw a gap in the career path of creatives between product or service development, then having somewhere to test the market in a low risk and low cost supportive environment. There's a lot of great creative collaborative activity in Adelaide now, a...

Entrepreneurs News

The life of an entrepreneur in 90 seconds
Most people only pay attention to the final product of a successful entrepreneur. What they don’t see is the blood, sweat and tears that went into getting there. This video will move you. It will inspire you to dream and to fight for your dreams every single day.