NAATI Accredited Translation Services

Need help with translating your document and making sure it hits the right pitch and tone in a different language?

At Business SA, we understand it can be difficult trying to translate your own documents, ensuring they meet specific international trade requirements. There are cultural nuances, etiquette requirements and the need to be highly professional when either filling out documents, making a pitch or even replying to correspondence.

Each business has different needs, whether it be related to the products or services they export, or the countries they are dealing with.

As an export document certifier and migration and visa services provider, Business SA can help meet your second or third language business needs through our translation services.

Our NAATI accredited translators provide high quality, comprehensive and professional translating and interpreting services that are specialized and tailored to your business or personal needs.  For many years, our translation services have supported South Australian business, highly acclaimed by our members and clients.

Between them, our translators have decades of experience and an understanding of how organisations and governments operate in other countries, which may differ from the way we trade and communicate across different levels of business in Australia.


The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is owned by Australia's nine state and territory governments and is responsible for setting and maintaining the highest national standards for issuance of accreditation.  NAATI is the ONLY authorised body to issue accreditation for professionals in Australia who wish to work as practised translators and interpreters.

What Languages do we translate?

Our languages translation services cover more than 20 different languages, from major languages such as Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic to less widely used languages such as Thai, Burmese and Indonesian.

What documents do we translate? 

Our translation services cover most types of documents, which can be as simple as a Birth Certificate or Driver’s Licence to complex and technical documentation such as marketing materials.  Being actively engaged with clients, at Business SA we ensure a high level of professionalism and high quality translation services are delivered.  Regardless of the size and complexity of the documents, we always ensure they are translated and completed in the appropriate style, pitch and tone.

Pricing and Turnaround

Our pricing is competitive and affordable. Pricing for standard, non-complex documents such as a business card starts at a low fixed rate, with non-standard documents priced on a “per 100 words” basis as well as the language, complexity and deadline.

We also guarantee an efficient and prompt turnaround time. Standard documents usually can be completed within 2 – 3 business days. Turnaround time for non-standard and more complex documents depends on the length of the documents and the client’s specific requirements.


Testimonials from satisfied clients

Check out what some out our clients have to say about our services here.

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