Health and Safety Representative Training - Year 1- Regional

About the Course

Course Outline

Learn how to be a great Health and Safety Representative (HSR).

Having recently been elected as a HSR, this five-day program provides you with the skills and confidence to identify and resolve workplace health and safety issues.

Health and Safety Representatives play an important role in every organisation, because they advise and oversee health and safety matters within the workplace.

By representing workers in their group, HSRs provide an avenue for workers to raise safety issues within their workplace, ensuring that a process is followed to resolve them. Safework SA subsidies available for this course.

Who is it for?

Newly-elected HSRs and/or re-elected HSRs

Delivery Format:


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This course can be delivered to groups at your workplace. To obtain a quote please fill out this enquiry form.


  • Gain the powers to issue provisional infringement notices
  • Understand the context, objectives and principles of WHS legislation
  • Identify the duties and responsibilities of officers, workers and other parties
  • Outline the purpose and formation of a work group (or work groups) within the workplace
  • Understand the election process, rights and protections of an elected Health and safety representative
  • Identify a range of strategies that support the consultation process
  • Understand how HSRs can manage risk in the workplace

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