Health and Safety Representative Training - Year 2 - Regional

About the Course

Course Outline

In your second year as a Health and Safety Representative, you are ready to learn how to effectively and constructively represent your work group or committees in health and safety matters.

This is the second program in a series of three, as part of your SafeWork approved HSR training entitlement.

This course highlights the need to collaborate and communicate effectively to create a positive workplace safety culture. It will ensure Health and Safety Representatives have the confidence to coordinate, engage and continue to represent their working groups in regard to occupational health and safety matters, including multiple hazards and complex risks.

HSRs are legally obliged to identify reasonably foreseeable hazards that may put staff to be at risk. Business SA will help health and safety representatives identify and mitigate hazards.

Who is it for?

HSRs who have completed their first year of training and are currently in their second year of office.

Delivery Format:


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  • Understand the principles and practices of a systemic approach to managing and controlling multiple WHS risks
  • Understand the responsibilities and duties of PCBUs, hazard risks and shared duties
  • Provide a refreshed understanding of HSR duties
  • Identify various elements of due diligence requirements of PCBUs and officers associated with  managing specific and multiple hazards in a shared work environment

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