Employment Documentation Package

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Providing businesses with guidance information and a suite of 50 templates for establishing and implementing employment documentation

The Employment Documentation Package will provide businesses with a basis for establishing and implementing standardised employment documentation that will aid in the recruitment, ongoing employment, management and termination of employees. The Package will also assist businesses in meeting State and Federal employment-related legislative requirements, focusing on the Federal workplace relations system.
The Employment Documentation Package contains essential pro forma employment forms and letters that can be used in the everyday running of a business, along with extensive notes explaining how and when these should be used. The Employment Documentation Package also contains checklists relating to terminating employment that outline the proper processes and procedures to be followed, to help minimise the risk of a successful unfair dismissal or unlawful termination claim being made against the employer.
The Employment Documentation Package can be downloaded in Microsoft Word so that businesses can tailor to their own workplace.

Once the full package has been purchased the publications will be available on the Member Portal.  Please login here to view.

Recruitment and Selection
-    Recruitment and Selection Overview
-    Recruitment and Selection Process Information Sheet
-    Position Description Usage Guide and Form
-    Selection Criteria Usage Guide and Form
-    Application for Employment Usage Guide and Form
-    Assessment of Applicants Usage Guide
-    Unsuccessful Application Letter
-    Invitation for Interview Letter
-    Selection Interview Usage Guide and Form
-    Evaluating the Selection Interview Usage Guide and Form
-    Unsuccessful Interview Letter

Employment Contracts
-    Employment Contracts Overview
-    Letter of Appointment - Award or Agreement Covered Employees Information Sheet and Letter
-    Letter of Appointment/Contract of Employment - Award and Agreement Free Employees Information Sheet and Letter
-    Sample Contract of Employment - Award and Agreement Free Employees
-    Probationary Period Information Sheet and Successful/Unsuccessful Completion Letters
-    Temporary Replacement Contract Employees Information Sheet and Letter
-    Fixed Term (Time-Based/Task-Based) Contract Employees Information Sheet and Letter
-    Flexible Working Arrangements Information Sheet, Employee Request Form and Request Granted/Denied Letters 
-    Casual Conversion Information Sheet, Letter and Employee Election Form 
-    Work Experience Information Sheet and Letter

Employment Records
-    Employee Records Overview
-    Employee Records Requirements and Recommendations Information Sheet
-    Employee Record Form
-    Averaging Agreement - Hours of Work Forms 
-    Superannuation Choice of Fund Form
-    Fair Work Information Statement 
-    Induction Checklist Form
-    Education and Training History Form
-    Employment Record Form
-    Exit Interview Report Form
-    Employee Termination Record Form
-    Weekly Time Sheet Form
-    Guarantee for Annual Earnings (High Income Employees) Letter 
-    Individual Flexibility Agreement Form 
-    Variation to Part-Time Work Form 

Leave Records
-    Leave Records Overview
-    Leave Records Requirements Information Sheet
-    General Leave Record Form
-    Leave Application Form
-    Leave Without Pay Letters - Travel, Study, etc. and Personal Accident or Illness
-    Annual Leave Record Form and Directing Employee to Take Accrued Leave Letter
-    Personal Leave Record Form (Including Sick Leave and Carer’s Leave)
-    Application to Cash Out Accrued Leave Forms 
-    Parental Leave - Approval of Application Letter, Employee Request for Extension Form and Approval/Refusal of Extension Letters 
-    Long Service Leave - Record To Be Kept, Taking Leave and Cashing Out Forms, and Directing Employee to Take Accrued Leave Letter

Performance and Development
-    Performance and Development Overview
-    Performance Appraisal Process Information Sheet
-    Performance Appraisal Form

Termination of Employment
-    Terminating Employment Overview
-    Termination Process Information Sheet
-    Employment Separation Certificate 
-    Employee Resignation Information Sheet and 
-    Acknowledgement Letter 
-    Small Business Fair Dismissal Code and 
-    Checklist and Information Sheet 
-    Discipline Interview Letter
-    Employee Warning Form
-    First, Second and Final Warning Letters
-    Termination of Employment for Poor 
-    Performance or Misconduct Letter
-    Termination of Employment for Serious and 
-    Wilful Misconduct Letter
-    Termination for Poor Performance Checklist
-    Termination for Misconduct Checklist
-    Termination for Serious and Wilful Misconduct 
-    Checklist
-    Abandonment of Employment Information 
-    Sheet
-    Abandonment of Employment - First and 
-    Final Letters
-    Redundancy Process Information Sheet
-    Voluntary Redundancy Letter
-    Involuntary Redundancy Letter
-    Redundancy Notification to Centrelink Letter
-    Redundancy Notification to Trade Union Letter [Where required]

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