HR Policy Package - 4th Edition

About the Product

An exceptional management tool which includes over 60 human resources policies and procedures for all businesses 

Laying the foundation of practices and standards throughout your business from the beginning, with a framework of policies and procedures is an essential step in creating a safe, modern and compliant workplace.

The HR Policy Package is a once-off investment in establishing the best workplace practices and standards to protect your business against possible hefty fines and penalties.

The HR Policy Package will provide businesses with a basis for establishing and implementing their own specific policy documentation. The HR Policy Package contains policies and procedures that outline specific standards of behaviour and conduct, conditions of employment, legislative rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employees.

Businesses can buy the full Package or can purchase five or ten selected individual policies and/or procedures. To buy a five or ten selected package contact Business SA at or by downloading the order form HERE

Once the full package has been purchased the publications will be available on the Member Portal.  Please login here to view.

The HR Policy Package can be downloaded in Microsoft Word so that businesses can tailor to their own workplace.

-    Abandonment of Employment
-    Absenteeism and Attendance
-    Annual Leave
-    Cameras in the Workplace
-    Code of Conduct 
-    Confidentiality
-    Conflict of Interest
-    Contracts of Employment
-    Credit Cards
-    Customer Service
-    Death During Employment
-    Defence Leave 
-    Discipline
-    Dress Code
-    Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
-    Emergency Services Leave
-    Employee Assistance Leave
-    Employee Representatives
-    Equal Opportunity 
-    Exit Interview
-    Fire and Emergency Evacuation 
-    Gender Equality 
-    Grievances in the Workplace
-    Induction
-    Information Technology 
-    Job Sharing
-    Jury Service
-    Leave without pay
-    Long Service Leave
-    Medical Information and Health Assessment
-    Motor Vehicles
-    Outside Employment
-    Parental Leave
-    Performance Appraisal
-    Personal Leave 
-    Police Checks 
-    Position Descriptions
-    Privacy
-    Probation
-    Recruitment/Retrenchment
-    References
-    Retirement
-    Sexual Harassment 
-    Smoke-Free Workplace
-    Social Media 
-    Study Leave and Assistance 
-    Surveillance
-    Telephone Use
-    Termination of Employment
-    Training and Development
-    Travel
-    Unauthorised Removal of Property
-    Uniforms
-    Work Experience
-    Work Health and Safety
-    Workers’ Compensation – Claims Management 
-    Workers’ Compensation – Rehabilitation 
-    Worked’ Compensation – Work Injury
-    Working from Home 
-    Workplace Bullying 


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