WHS Policies and Procedures Package

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Procedure Package that assists businesses to comply with work health and safety laws and contains over 40 policies and procedures

A safe and compliant workplace at your fingertips.
The WHS Policies and Procedures Package assists businesses to comply with work health and safety laws.
Implement policies and procedures of general workplace safety issues to assist your business in meeting your legal requirements. The package contains an overview of the reasons for establishing policies and procedures and the stipulated consequences for breaches of particular policies within each individual workplace.
The WHS Policies and Procedures Package comes with up to 41 easy to follow, customisable policies and procedures. The WHS Policies and Procedures Package can be downloaded in Microsoft Word so that businesses can tailor to their own workplace.

Businesses can buy the full Package or can purchase five or ten selected individual policies and/or procedures. To buy a five or ten selected package contact Business SA at customerservice@business-sa.com or by downloading the order form HERE

-    Access and Equity
-    Aggression at Work
-    Armed Robbery
-    Asbestos
-    Compressed Gas Cylinders
-    Consultation and Communication 
-    Contractor Safety
-    Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
-    Electrical Equipment 
-    Emergency Response 
-    First Aid
-    General Workplace Safety and Housekeeping
-    Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
-    Hazard Reporting 
-    Hazardous Chemicals 
-    Hazardous Manual Tasks
-    High Risk Work 
-    Hot Work and Welding
-    Incident Investigation and Reporting
-    Inclement Weather
-    Inspection of Workplaces
-    Issue Resolution
-    Noise Management
-    Personal Protective Equipment
-    Roles and Responsibilities 
-    Safe Operating Procedures Documents
-    Safety Induction 
-    Stacks, Racks and Storage
-    Traffic Control
-    Training in Safety
-    Use of Ladders
-    Visitors and General Public 
-    WHS Entry Permit Holders
-    Work Health and Safety
-    Workers’ Compensation – Claims Management
-    Workers’ Compensation – Rehabilitation 
-    Workers’ Compensation – Work Injury 
-    Working at Heights
-    Working in Confined Spaces
-    Working in Isolation
-    Workplace Bullying

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