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Four steps to managing poor performance

Anthony Caldwell
Thursday, August 4th 2022

There are several steps in managing poor performance. Employers need to address and manage poor performance in the workplace, ensuring that other employees are not negatively impacted and importantly, ensuring that you are following a fair and legally compliant process.

In a recent chat with our Senior Consultant, Workplace Relations, Lisa Casella we outlined four things to keep in mind when trying to manage poor performance in the workplace to secure the best outcome for your employee and organisation. 

You need to be aware of your organisational policies

You should be aware of any organisational policies that you have in place and ensure that you comply with these policies.

Written warnings are a bit more dynamic than you think

The best practice rule in disciplinary action is to give three written warnings. However, if there is a major financial impact on the business or it is impacting other staff members, it may be appropriate to give two written warnings before termination. 

Verbal warnings count

Verbal warnings do count, but you need to make a record of these warnings and be able to provide evidence it occurred if asked to do so.

Hear Lisa Casella talk about important steps in managing performance and conduct

Performance management and discipline should be a process

First, you want to define the problem and then you should meet with the employee to establish a performance improvement plan. 

It is important to have a performance management policy within the organisation.

How can Business SA help in managing employee performance?

There are several options. If you are needing quick advice on a particular situation, then members can call the Business Advice Hotline. For more complicated situations our team of workplace consultants are available for one on meetings to discuss potential options.

If you are looking to improve your leadership skills and prepare yourself and your organisation to best manage performance and conduct, then we have a range of learning options.

Our next one-day course providing comprehensive insights on how to manage performance and conduct is on Friday 2 September 2022 and costs $450+GST for members of Business SA and $495+GST for non-members.

The course is aimed at assisting managers who are responsible for achieving performance and fostering a positive workplace culture and will learn how to effectively set workplace expectations and goals to enhance workplace relationships and productivity. 

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Anthony Caldwell

Manager, Marketing
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