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Tuck into some manufacturing efficiencies

Tanya Wilkins
Wednesday, August 10th 2022

If you have enjoyed some gourmet or artisan crackers, fruit and seeded crackers or fruit paste lately, chances are you have sampled Australia’s most awarded crackers, biscuits, fruit pastes and snacks since 2007. Tucker’s Natural is 100% family owned and has over 30 years of experience in Australia’s premium food industry.

Managing Director Sam Tucker says that evolving their business practices is how Tucker’s Natural continues to grow with the needs and lifestyles of their customers.

We have worked several times with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme because it helps us focus on challenges. We want to grow our business and find that the support of the facilitators gives us the confidence to invest in change and improvements.

Initially, we improved our marketing and digital activities. To have a stronger brand in the marketplace, we invested in a new website and digital activities, including using our Facebook page more and creating videos for our customers.

To keep with our commitment to evolve, we also upgraded our packaging to a more contemporary look that does emphasise that we are locally owned and made. During the pandemic, there were so many supply issues across the national food supply chain, the more South Australia supports local, the better it is for businesses and consumers.

Most recently, we worked with Business SA Facilitator Robert Lloyd when he advised us on lean manufacturing principles. This helped us create efficiencies in our processes around time and energy costs. These efficiencies put money back in our pockets that we can reinvest in the business. 

We have significantly upgraded our facilities and let me tell you that an expansion in the middle of a pandemic does result in a few sleepless nights. But the external professional support we have had, has helped solve complex business problems and supported redesigning our business.

The increased production volume results from our investment in larger equipment. We needed to expand our manufacturing space and revise the layouts. Our increased automation has improved our overall competitiveness.

We have grown to a scale that allows us to enter new markets and distribution channels. This increased capacity and manufacturing capability within the business, combined with strong growth, has opened new opportunities for us.” 

Sam gives credit to the Entrepreneurs’ Programme and appreciates the ongoing engagement that has assisted the business to grow and deal with complex challenges

With only a month left to go, do not forget to vote for us in the Premier’s Food and Beverage Industry Awards, Sam reminds us.


Tanya Wilkins

Director, Media and Communication
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