Digital Series: Podcasting for Business with Dan Demaria

This video was delivered as an interactive workshop on Tuesday 16 August 2022.

Join Business SA and Dan Demaria, Founder and CEO of Brand Nexus on a fast-track session focused to highlight the key fundamentals of Podcasting for your business. Brand Nexus is a consultancy specialising in brand, marketing and content creation including podcasting. Dan currently produces and co-presents two podcasts which alternate each week:

  • “The Pub Test with Mark Bickley and Dan Demaria” looks at the decisions and events of the week to see if they, indeed. Pass The Pub Test.
  • “The Work with Sputnik and Dan Demaria” deep dives into the world of advertising and marketing with both co-hosts having spent 30+ years in the industry and forming a few opinions they are happy to share with their audience (a language warning comes with this one).

Beyond this, Dan also produces paid podcasts for clients with current live projects and some awaiting to be green-lit. Dan says there are many avenues for clients to produce and distribute their own content but what he loves about the medium of podcasting is the engagement – he says “If you get the mix right and identify the right content for the right audience and have a good balance of information and entertainment, you will have engagement levels amongst the best for content creation and distribution”.

What the workshop covers:

  • How to create a podcast concept
  • How to create a topic plan
  • What equipment to use
  • The optimal environment to record in
  • Different podcast styles
  • Tone and manner
  • Editing your podcast
  • Creating podcast tile artwork
  • Publishing your podcast
  • Marketing your podcast
  • Analytical tools to use

This workshop – like Dan’s podcasts – will be one part informational and one part fun so be prepared to both learn and laugh.

Dan Demaria

Dan tracks his audio production career back to Student Radio 5UV when he produced and presented a weekly student affairs show while studying in the uni bar. From there he spent a 33 year career in advertising and marketing that took him through most of the multinational advertising agencies in Sydney and Hong Kong before settling back in Adelaide running marketing departments for Thoroughbred Racing SA and News Corp Australia. Part of Dan’s advertising career was spent producing both television and radio campaigns for a number of blue-chip clients and it was the intimacy of radio that fuelled a passion for the medium.