Daniel Navacchi

Mentor since 2023

[email protected]


0414 505 188

47 Woodville Road, Woodville SA 5011

Daniel's journey in the world of business has its roots in a small family enterprise from a young age. His career path led him through the intricacies of manufacturing before immersing him in the complex realm of international logistics in the early 2000s. Over approximately ten years, he thrived in this industry, eventually co-founding Now Global Logistics in 2010 —a remarkable accomplishment as one of the few locally South Australian-owned international logistics service providers in a fiercely competitive field dominated by multinational players.

Mentorship Experience: Throughout his career as a consultant within the industry, Daniel has had the privilege of collaborating with numerous businesses and business owners across a diverse array of industries and countries. This extensive experience has afforded him a comprehensive understanding of the various types of businesses and the unique challenges they face.

Mentoring Approach: Daniel brings a hands-on, real-time approach to the mentoring table, grounded in practical day-to-day business operations and strategic decision-making. His expertise lies in several key areas, including:

1. Client Engagement:

Leveraging his experience to help mentees enhance client relationships and satisfaction.

2. Selling and Sales Process:

Sharing insights into effective selling techniques and strategies to drive business growth.

3. Business Relationships:

Providing guidance on building and maintaining valuable business relationships that foster success.

4. General Business Management:

Imparting knowledge and skills related to overall business management, from operations to finance.

5. Staff Management:

Sharing best practices in managing teams and nurturing a positive workplace culture.

Daniel's mentoring style is marked by practicality and an unwavering commitment to helping individuals overcome challenges and seize opportunities in their business endeavors. His real-world experience and diverse expertise make him an invaluable mentor for those seeking guidance in the realms of business strategy and operations.

Areas Of Expertise

• Profitability

• Business feasibility

• Communications

• Relationships

• Tenders, quotations and proposals

• Business processes and patterns

Qualifications & Achievements
  • 13 years running a successful business in 2023
  • Navigating business through global COVID lockdowns making hard decisions
  • Growing a business consecutively since inception
  • Maintaining his business and his personal brand