Giovanna Toldi

Business and marketing strategy consultant
Mentor since 2016

Giovanna is a high-energy, positive and passionate individual who has split her life between Europe, USA and Australia and has travelled extensively throughout the world for professional and personal fulfilment. With 20+ years experience across the marketing mix (the 4 Ps), Giovanna brings a true “big picture” mindset and the ability to draw from her global roles across different industries and market cycles to understand where the local context is heading towards.

After building a solid career on "traditional" marketing, Giovanna has fully embraced the opportunities that have come in the last 10 years with the integration of technology and automation that enable data-driven decisions.

Developing her leadership skills is on Giovanna’s top agenda as she understands very well how happy people deliver successful outcomes and finds true fulfilment is mutual growth.

Giovanna’s professional experience comes from a variety of industries and organizations. Relocated in South Australia in 2006 by her then-employer NuKorc (global wine industry supplies), she was head of marketing of the Adelaide Convention Centre and later the Adelaide Venue Management Corporation. The corporation operates the Adelaide Convention Centre, the Entertainment Centre, Coopers’ Stadium and Regattas Bistro and Bar by the River Torrens. In addition, Giovanna is behind the success of several public events owned and operated by the convention centre, in particular the multi-awarded Cellar Door Festival.

Loving a good challenge, Giovanna joined iconic South Australian organization RAA in 2016 to head the commercial strategy of their travel business. Here, she was able to drive significant change through the implementation of customer-centric marketing, data-driven sales and profit management and leading edge technology to enable business operations and the customer experience.

Today, Giovanna operates her own consultancy focusing on business and marketing strategy and ad-hoc projects while producing and marketing her own e-learning material designed to assist SMe and professionals in developing business strategy.

She lives in North Adelaide, is very well connected and enjoys everything South Australia has to offer: great beaches, food and wine.

Areas Of Expertise
  • Strategic marketing
  • Branding
  • PR/Communications
  • Digital automation
  • Sales strategy
  • Trade distribution strategy
  • Product and pricing strategy
  • P/L analysis
Qualifications & Achievements
  • Bachelor of Science, Marketing major – 4-year degree from Winona State University, USA, 1992 - 1996
  • Strategic Marketing– 1-year post-graduate master from Fondazione CUOA, Italy, 2004 – 2005
  • National runner-up and highly commended “Best marketing campaign”, 2014, Events & Exhibitions Association of Australasia
  • Won 12 state and national awards in tourism and events with the Cellar Door Fest