Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson Consulting
Mentor since 2017

Paul has been providing consulting, coaching and training services to small to medium size enterprises and individuals for over 25 years. He has provided organisations advice with business planning and strategy, human resources and sales strategies to help them reach their full potential. After 14 years of conducting his own training and coaching consultancy one of Paul’s clients offered him the position of managing their business which culminated in him holding the position of CEO of a national chemical manufacturing and distribution company for 7 years.

Key Responsibilities included managing over 16 direct reports across 10 functional areas (sales, marketing, finance, admin., warehouse, production, logistics, quality assurance, human resources and purchasing), and managing 14 Sales people plus 4 Customer Service staff nationally to achieve targets.

In 2011 Paul left to return to consulting and his love for corporate coaching, training and development. Paul’s strengths are his knowledge and experience in the area of leadership and management, strategy and sales, and working with staff to determine a clear and balanced definition of performance to align and drive the “right behaviours”.

Areas Of Expertise
  • People – HR, mentoring and coaching
  • Sales – management, measurement and marketing
  • Strategy – business planning, Strategic Planning
  • Facilitation of training, workshops, conferences
  • Business coaching
Qualifications & Achievements
  • Diploma of Marketing
  • CEO of $20M Company
  • TEC membership
  • Same clients for 20 years