Sheena Trumble

Mentor since 2022

Experienced Executive with a strong business developmnt and sales background. Coaching and mentoring was the natural step to share the talent and experience amassed over 30 years working in corporate and small business.

Demonstrated ability for turning business around, to increase margin and improve customer satisfaction. A talent for engaging all staff to improve the culture of the business across all facets, from sales through to operations.

A natural leader and mentor, who empowers, encourages, motivates, and has the ability to impact organisational change and personal growth and development.

Areas Of Expertise
  • Sales and Marketing
  • People Management
  • Growth and Development
Qualifications & Achievements
  • Mentored team of 20 Tradespeople/Estimators in Sales
  • Delivered the first smart water metering project in the southern hemisphere
  • Turned a loss making $4million business into a $20million business with a 57% net margin
  • Created the worlds first on-line post processing software