Victoria Kardasis

Endless Opportunities Ahead
Mentor since 2021

With a collaborative, consultative approach and 15+ years strategic tendering experience, my purpose it to inspire and encourage you to think outside the box, be bold and dare to challenge the status quo. I have successfully led teams across professional services to win and retain annuity work with clients across multiple sectors and industries. In a perfect world these wins would come easily, but where would the fun be in that? It takes time, the right intent, discipline and a lot of focus, and that’s why I love it. Let’s work together and help you to:

  • Increase and improve your tender win rate
  • Differentiate, innovate and deliver shared client value
  • Develop and drive your tender strategy
  • Create compelling and persuasive client-focused content.
Areas Of Expertise
  • Professional services
  • Strategy and leadership development
  • Business and sales development
  • Strategic account management
  • Opportunity management
  • Client relationship and stakeholder engagement
  • Facilitator and trainer
Qualifications & Achievements
  • Bachelor of Industrial Design