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All I want for Christmas is a psychological hazard code of practice

Anthony Caldwell
Wednesday, November 15th 2023

On 25 December 2023, new regulations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 will come into effect, providing guidance to workers and employers on how to manage the risk of psychological injuries and illness in the workplace. 

According to legislation (Work Health and Safety (Psychosocial Risks) Amendment Regulations 2023) passed earlier this year by the South Australian government, employers will be required to manage and implement control measures that pose a risk to the health or safety of a worker or other person arising from a psychosocial hazard. 

The legislation states that a psychosocial hazard arises from the design or management of work or a work environment, interactions or behaviours that may cause psychological harm, irrespective of whether or not it may also cause physical harm.

Businesses should seek to implement control measures that have regard to relevant matters including: 

  • Duration, frequency and severity of the exposure of workers and other persons to psychosocial hazards
  • How the psychosocial hazards may interact or combine
  • Design of work, including job demands and tasks
  • Systems of work, including how work is managed, organised and supported
  • Design and layout, and environmental conditions, of the workplace, including the provision of safe means of entering and exiting the workplace and facilities for the welfare of workers
  • Design and layout, and environmental conditions, of workers’ accommodation
  • Plant, substances and structures at the workplace
  • Workplace interactions or behaviours;
  • Information, training, instruction and supervision provided to workers

To help businesses prepare and manage strategies to implement such control measures, the South Australian Business Chamber has developed a course for managers and leaders that covers how to: 

  • Identify psychosocial hazards in the workplace
  • Assess risks to psychological health and wellbeing
  • Identify measures to control the risk of psychosocial hazards
  • Maintain and review the suitability of existing control measures
  • Some strategies to improve a mentally healthy workplace

The next session for the Psychological Safety for Leaders course is on 2 February 2024. 

Book here.


Anthony Caldwell

Manager, Marketing, Media, Communications
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