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Are your employment contracts due for review?

Elisa Luck
Wednesday, July 19th 2023

Do you have employment contracts or individual flexibility agreements (IFAs) in place with your staff? When was the last time they were reviewed? Modern award rates of pay and allowances have recently been increased by the Fair Work Commission as a result of the annual wage review. 

This year’s increase was substantially higher than previous years and therefore your previous arrangements including above Award payments may no longer result in your employees being better off and therefore being unintentionally underpaid. 

The longer an underpayment goes undetected, the more difficult and expensive it becomes to rectify when it is picked up. There can also be implications for superannuation, payroll tax and workers’ compensation premiums as well.

If your employment contracts or IFAs have been in place for more than a year or two, the South Australian Business Chamber recommends you review the arrangement to ensure that:

  • it still meets your needs;
  • the employee is still better off under the employment contract or IFA than they would otherwise be; and
  • the employment contract or IFA is still compliant with the Award. 

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Elisa Luck

General Manager, Programs and Consulting
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