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The South Australian Business Chamber supports University Merger

Anthony Caldwell
Thursday, September 7th 2023

The South Australian Business Chamber, South Australia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry has reinstated its support for the merger of the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia by attending a parliamentary committee on Monday, backing the government’s plans to amalgamate into Adelaide University. 

The South Australian Business Chamber CEO Andrew Kay told the parliamentary Committee the new Adelaide University would help stem the exodus of local students to eastern state universities.

We have seen an exodus of students to interstate universities where they have the perception that it’s a better standard of university because potentially their ranking is higher than South Australia”, he said.

A larger, higher internationally ranked university would also attract more research and development funding from the private sector.

Businesses who look to invest in South Australia will be looking for an ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship, and skills.

If they can come here and invest knowing that the skills base is on their doorstep, it makes it a far more attractive proposition for them,” said Mr Kay.

The South Australian Business Chamber has long been a supporter of the merger, detailing recommendations for its investigation in the September 2020 9‑point plan to skyrocket SA and August 2021 Charter22 – For a more prosperous South Australia.

On the day of its official announcement in July, the South Australian Business Chamber welcomed the merger, with CEO Andrew Kay saying it comes at a critical time for business.

The shape of the local economy is changing with new industry sectors demanding skills and education on a scale that we have not seen before.

A university of this size will attract the investment, students and staff required to drive the research and innovation needed to help deliver on the opportunities that are ahead of us,” said Mr Kay.

The South Australian Business Chamber will continue engaging with the government and business community on the merger and looks forward to developments in the near future. 


Anthony Caldwell

Manager, Marketing, Media, Communications
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