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Hydrogen powered bus trials are a big step in the clean energy transition

Anthony Caldwell
Thursday, August 3rd 2023

The South Australian Government’s announcement of a hydrogen bus trial in Adelaide is a tremendous first step in transitioning the state’s transport infrastructure. 

The South Australian Business Chamber has been calling for the introduction of an all-electric and/​or hydrogen public transport fleet with supporting infrastructure, delivering a submission to prospective governments ahead of the 2022 state election, calling on parties to consider the implementation of policies that would see a transition to green public transport.

States around Australia have been investigating similar initiatives, with trials in the pipeline for Brisbane and Melbourne. The New South Wales government is also currently investigating the best solution for a transition to zero emission busses in regional areas. 

The South Australian Business Chamber has been consistent in its calls for this initiative, reiterated it in its submission ahead of the 2023/2024 State Budget and raised it directly with Minister Koutsantonis at a meeting with him earlier in the year.

The support from the government for public transport using renewables can act as a catalyst for further investment in electric charging and hydrogen refuelling stations, both of which are needed to encourage broader adoption of electric/​hydrogen vehicles.

The South Australian Business Chamber CEO Andrew Kay emphasised the potential impact on heavy transport within the state, stating, If trucks in industrial areas were able to access hydrogen refuelling stations established for public transport, it would kickstart the domestic uptake of hydrogen-fuelled heavy transport in the state.”

Once the green hydrogen power plant and hydrogen storage facility in Whyalla become operational in 2025, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will become an even more viable option.

Given the State Government’s strong focus on green energy and sustainability, there must be a continuous effort to build on South Australia’s status as a global leader in renewables.

The hydrogen bus trial represents a significant stride towards a cleaner, greener future, and the South Australian Business Chamber recognises the government for its commitment to driving the clean energy transition.


Anthony Caldwell

Manager, Marketing, Media, Communications
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