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Sustainability incentives for businesses and residents in the City of Adelaide

Anthony Caldwell
Wednesday, July 12th 2023

The City of Adelaide has launched the Incentives for Sustainability Program, which will serve as a one-stop shop to support low-carbon and circular economy practices in its community. 

The incentive for sustainability program offers cash back of upto $10,000 for residents, businesses, and groups to make sustainable practices and technology more accessible and affordable. The incentives include:

  • residential, business and commercial solar PV
  • energy monitoring
  • electric vehicle charging stations
  • water saving devices
  • home energy assessments 
  • food organics collections and recovery
  • reusable packaging and takeaway products to minimise single-use products
  • improving space and opportunities for circular systems and more 

The incentives and rebates help with costs, increase the value of the property and support the City of Adelaide’s mission to cut carbon emissions and create a circular economy.

This offer is only available to businesses and residents located within the City of Adelaide municipal area (postcodes 5000 and 5006).

General eligibility criteria and conditions apply.

Visit the City of Adelaide for more information


Anthony Caldwell

Manager, Marketing, Media, Communications
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