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New Strategic Plan for the Murraylands and Riverland

Benjamin Opiyo
Thursday, November 23rd 2023

The Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland Incorporated (RDAMR) has released a Strategic Direction 2023+, a new strategic plan to spur development in food production, tourism, manufacturing and emerging sectors in the Murray Lands and Riverland.

RDAMR is part of the Australian Government’s Regional Development Network and partners with federal, state, and local governments to achieve regional business development.

The Strategic plan highlights the economic opportunities of the region with the largest industry being agriculture: a sector that generated one in five jobs and contributed 40% to the $4.6 billion gross Regional Product for the year 2021 – 2022.

The Murraylands and Riverland region has 6,600 businesses with 90% of them employing more than four staff.

RDAMR will embrace community participation in the region’s projects through a community listening program that encourages questioning and discussions through interviews and surveys.

The plan notes the opportunities in a circular economy and seeks to build regional resilience and sustainability by instilling the voice of locals and stakeholders in key decision-making that enables self-reliance within the region.

RDAMR is keen to engage with businesses and communities to build trust to achieve their participation in its development initiatives.

Jodie Hawks, the chair of RDAMR stressed the organisation’s resolve to ingrain the community voice in its regional activities by listening without judgement.

We are changing. We are keen to hear about your contribution to our region and to support changes that are transforming our region for the better”. 

RDAMR is calling for locals and stakeholders in the region to contribute to the new development initiatives by submitting ideas.

Please read the full Strategic Direction + report here.


Benjamin Opiyo

Marketing and Communications Intern
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