Business Accelerator Program (BAP)

A series of informative growth workshops for business operators.

The BAP program consists of 7 workshops designed to help you grow your business.

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The Business Accelerator Program — or the BAP’ as it’s often called — is a series of 7 informative growth workshops for business owners and operators. 

The Program is available exclusively for Business SA’s SME Members and Corporate Members. To access the BAP, please join Business SA as a member.

The Business Accelerator Program is for business operators who want to spend time working on’ their business, as opposed to working in’ their business. The Program is geared to established businesses that are looking to accelerate growth by scaling up.

The Program is delivered on a rolling basis and consists of the following workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Growth for a purpose: How to start planning now for succession or sale
  • Workshop 2: Market-led growth: Accelerating growth by embracing uncertainty 
  • Workshop 3: Accelerating sales growth: Objectives, strategies and tactics 
  • Workshop 4: Growth from marketing: How to build your brand, communications and digital engagement
  • Workshop 5: Growth from government: How to win government tenders and access grants
  • Workshop 6: People-led growth: How to lead, recruit, build culture and capability 
  • Workshop 7:Systemising’ growth: How to build ICT, operations, logistics, supply-chain and inventory systems

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Upcoming Business Accelerator Program workshops

19 July 2022
Business Accelerator Program | How to accelerate business growth
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Business Accelerator Program (BAP)

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