An insurance broker with the credentials

OAMPS Insurance Brokers is the largest Australian-owned insurance brokerage.

As part of the Wesfarmers Group its network spans Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

The story of OAMPS commenced in 1976, when as Oil Agents Mutual Provident Society, it was asked to provide an insurance solution for the fuel industry.

From these beginnings OAMPS determined that individual industries faced unique challenges, and to this day has specialised in the formation, implementation and delivery of high quality insurance products and solutions.

OAMPS, a Business SA networking sponsor, has 30 offices across Australia and has 60 staff at its Greenhill Road office here in Adelaide.

Martyn Luck, a Senior Insurance Broker of the Corporate Broking Team within OAMPS Adelaide is the appointed Relationship Manager for Business SA.

“The OAMPS business is built around partnerships. Our ability to recognise the exacting and often unique requirements of certain industries sets us apart in today’s insurance market,” Martyn said.

“At the same time our commitment to personalised service and continuity of staff ensures that we stay ahead of the needs of our clients and continue to improve the service and products we offer.”

Martyn said that you can judge a company by the company it keeps.

“OAMPS not only works in conjunction with all the Australian based insurers but is the only Australian-owned insurance broker accredited to buy direct through Lloyds of London and the only broker to be selected for the Assurex Global broking network.”

This enables OAMPS to secure hard to place insurance covers and to negotiate the most competitive premiums.

OAMPS brokers deal with a myriad of questions raised by their clients such as:-

  • What are my risks?
  • Which ones can be managed by insurance and which can be controlled by other strategies?
  • What insurance do I need to comply with Government and Industry regulation?
  • What policies in the Global market are the most suitable and best value for money?
  • Am I paying for cover I don’t need but lacking the cover I do?
  • Are there insurance products that are better suited to my business?

OAMPS pride themselves on having the people that have the ability to quickly understand a business, its risks and insurance needs.  

“This is because through a vast network of more then 850 insurance professionals across Australia and more than 120,000 clients, we are experienced in dealing with almost every type of business, from large publicly listed companies to small community-based businesses,” Martyn said.

With a constantly changing business landscape, OAMPS highlighted the current peculiar circumstances surrounding the mining industry and specifically the need to ensure adequate cover is in place for mining, development, production and plant and equipment.

“Liability insurance and business interruption cover is paramount as is the need to consider the need for sustainable development, environmental protection and the issues that arise with power, transport and water,” Martyn said.

“Importantly OAMPS is able to guide the industry through the insurance clauses that appear in contracts to ensure that those signing contracts do not inadvertently execute documents which may have a detrimental effect on the insurance cover in place.”

OAMPS works with different areas of the community, whether it’s inside a client’s business, within an industry association, a specific sector or by supporting local initiatives and community events.

This Business SA member offers a wide ranging service to businesses in all areas of insurance and risk management.  

Adelaide Office

Level 1
136 Greenhill Road Unley
South Australia 5061

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