Business Guerrillas was established back in 1994 to assist with some of the key operational issues faced when running a business.

Originally called Ozwise Marketing, Business Guerrillas developed its new name and focus in 2000 to be more appropriate and memorable to its customers.

Business Guerrillas deliver five distinct areas of service to business owners which include:
- General business advice for both new and existing businesses
- Business coaching through workshops or one on one contact
- Sales training & coaching
- Researching and writing business plans
- Researching and writing marketing plans

Director of Business Guerrillas, Reg Templer, has coached hundreds of Australian business leaders and is well aware of the factors that influence success.

“It’s vital for business survival to not only keep up to date with training and reacting to external threats, but it’s also essential to continually innovate and differentiate themselves from competitors in order to be noticed in the market place,” Reg said.

“Companies that regularly train and update in areas such as customer service, sales, communication, marketing and general business knowledge, out grow and out survive those that don’t.”

Reg keeps businesses up to dateReg noted that in the current market place, knowledge is power and competition is global and those who constantly learn lead the way.

Despite the economy beginning to emerge from the economic downturn many challenges remain for businesses.

“Businesses often have trouble finding the right staff that fit within the business culture and those that can also excel in the job,” he said.

“There are also issues with financing correctly and this is often a major headache for small business owners.

“As the impact of the GFC recedes, businesses are looking to re-grow their business, however markets have changed dramatically, as have the way customers purchase.”

Business Guerrillas have also found that with the internet, email marketing and social media growing so fast, it is difficult for small businesses to keep up and it takes more effort to use them as a great business tool.

With Business Guerrillas providing assistance to businesses in various industries, there are common themes emerging from many companies.

From accepting change and planning, through to focus on customer service, Reg said there were similar patterns across the business community.

“Change is inevitable for survival, if you don’t change in line with market demands and competition, you don’t get to survive. Keeping up to date with trends and staff training is as essential as it is to keep up with technology.

“Planning is also absolutely essential to grow the business and set up good business habits but around 97% of business owners still think they can carry it all in their head.”

It was also noted that it is common for businesses to miss the opportunity to proactively action new opportunities.

“Having the courage to stop following outdated industry practices and make changes for competitive advantage is vital to business health. Fear is the main obstacle to overcome for both owners and employees,” Reg added.

Business Guerrillas identified a couple of key issues that many people don’t consider when running a business.

These include effectively coping with changes brought about by business growth and getting the right team on board to help organise the administration.

The importance of survival during tough times has been no more evident than over the past 18 months.

“The last few years has seen thousands of businesses go to the wall because they were taken by surprise in a business downturn and simply had no idea of what to do.”

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