Federal Election 2010 Top Forty

A visionary pre-election document calling for bold changes has been released by Business SA in the lead up to the 2010 Federal election.

Business SA’s Federal Election 2010 Top Forty is designed to inform and influence the Federal Parliament to implement reforms across national issues that will be beneficial to local business and the economy more broadly.

Developed in consultation with Business SA’s members, the Top Forty outlines 40 recommendations and addresses many of the concerns of the local business community.

The document will be sent to all parties, including South Australian Federal candidates, requesting their response to the recommendations.

Key recommendations in the Top Forty include:

- Return the Federal Budget to surplus as soon as practical

- Reverse the proposed increase in the Superannuation Guarantee Levy

- Take control of the entire Murray Darling Basin from the relevant State and Territory Governments

- Pursue the development of a nuclear energy industry

- Ensure the new so-called modern awards are modernised, rather than just streamlined, so they allow for greater flexibility in the workplace.

Business SA Chief Executive Officer, Peter Vaughan, said the Top Forty targeted many crucial national issues that were being avoided.

“It is time this election campaign got past the small talk and focused on the real issues affecting the future of our State and country,” Mr Vaughan said.

“There are many national issues affecting the future of South Australia and we want to hear about them, without the spin, before the election.

“This document is a call to action to ensure that the emerging strength of the South Australian economy is built on over the next decade.

“The interests of our State must be taken seriously in this election campaign, including receiving our fair share of the economic spend.

“We look forward to our local candidates embracing the recommendations in this document, which have come from businesses across the State.”

Taxation reform

“The Federal Budget must be returned to surplus as soon as practical without raising taxes and a full response to the Henry Tax Review is required,” Mr Vaughan said.


“We do not support the 33 per cent rise to the employer-funded compulsory superannuation levy over the next decade.

“Businesses cannot afford a cost like this without tax relief and the reduction in company tax to 29 per cent is of no help to the two thirds of small businesses that are not corporatised.”

Fair share of Commonwealth funding

“It is essential that the Federal Government takes into account South Australia’s ageing population relative to other States when providing funding through the GST.”


“Access to affordable and high quality water is vital for businesses and the Commonwealth must take control of the entire Murray Darling Basin from State and Territory Governments.”

Workplace relations

“The business sector is the driver of employment growth and greater support must be provided for educating businesses about the new workplace relations system.

“The workplace relations system must allow businesses to create and protect jobs and new so-called modern awards must be modernised, rather than just streamlined, so they allow for greater flexibility in the workplace.”


“There is no rational reason for not pursuing nuclear power in Australia and, as we’ve done with renewable energy, South Australia is in a unique position to provide leadership on its development.”

Mr Vaughan said he hoped that all of South Australia’s Federal candidates and their political parties would endorse the recommendations contained in the Top Forty.

“The party that wins the Federal election and forms Government will have the opportunity to implement the necessary reforms that will create a local and national sustainable economic future,” Mr Vaughan added.

The Top Forty can be accessed at http://business-sa.com/federalelection2010topforty.

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