Data Mobility Voice
Data Mobility Voice is one of South Australia’s leading communications solution providers.
The company, which employs over 30 staff, was established in 2003 following the merger of Ericsson Business Phone Centre and Ericsson Corporate Networks.
Data Mobility Voice then acquired Multicom Communication’s Telstra Mobile Phone business in 2005 and Cablelink Communications Data Engineering business in 2006. 
It has continued to grow, delivering tailored unified communications solutions to businesses across South Australia and nationally, irrespective of size or structure.
Managing Director of Data Mobility Voice, Greg Fletcher-Harriss (pictured below), said that new technology provided exciting opportunities for businesses.
“We believe that it is not only about the technology, but what the technology can do for you and your business that really counts,” Greg said.
“No matter what the requirement, we can provide the right communication solution to deliver real improvements to your organisation.”
Data Mobility Voice has partnerships with leading equipment vendors and is one of the largest Telstra Services & Solutions Providers in Adelaide. 
This provides the opportunity to offer a broad range of services – from cabling and installation, through to remote worker solutions, call centre applications, broadband and fixed net services. 
Greg Fletcher-HarrissGreg said that merging communication systems had become a growing trend in the industry over the past 12 months.
“Combining your telephone system, data network and mobile worker devices such as Blackberry’s, iPhones and laptops all into one integrated environment, is becoming more common.
“Correctly implemented unified communications can have a very impressive return on investment and increase efficiency.”
Greg highlighted four common communication issues that many businesses are regularly addressing:
- Understanding that a carrier will be able to provide a much better deal if the customer’s fixed telephone lines, mobiles and broadband etc are all on the same bill or with the same carrier. 
- With more flexible working conditions and the need to drive staff productivity and efficiency, one of the major advances driving the industry is that of the “remote worker” and unified communications technology.
- The rapidly expanding use of broadband technology allows voice data and video for all needs to come into the business via one broadband connection.
- A new technology called hosted or cloud computing and telephony, where all servers and applications and hardware that run the business is not owned and operated by the customer but rented on a per user per month basis.
A common outcome from implementing the right systems is the rise in staff productivity and efficiencies that ultimately enable the business to operate more profitably.
“The right combination of unified communications technology should be able to drive down capital investment within a business and even significantly drive down monthly operating and carrier expenses,” he said.
“If these systems are implemented with a firm commitment to managing the cultural changes required within an organisation, then employee work life balance is a wonderful by product of the investment.”
Challenges that remain throughout the economy are also having an impact on businesses investing in areas such as communications.
“The decisions surrounding capital investment in technology and infrastructure have slowed for many small to medium business out of a level of apprehension or uncertainty about the economy and their own future business prospects.
“However, we have been able to leverage off the unique ability to provide our full range of products and services in conjunction with Telstra so that every customer can have the option of their investment simply appearing as a line item (rented or leased) on their monthly Telstra account without the need for cash flow depleting capital investment.” 
This has enabled many customers to implement new technology to drive desired productivity and efficiencies and stay a step ahead of the competition!

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