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Bronze level accreditation photoThis month recognises the achievements of Great Southern Rail which has recently been awarded bronze level accreditation:

Don Corey, Director People Safety and Assurance at Great Southern Rail, provides an insight into why the company chose to obtain bronze level accreditation:

“Great Southern Rail maintains a Safety Management System to comply with the various Rail Safety Acts and Regulations that apply to the States and Territory in which we operate.

“During 2009 we incorporated our compliance obligations flowing from the SA OHS&W Act into our SMS thus forming an Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS).  The final component to integrate was the management of our environmental obligations. 

“As a member of Business SA the ability to participate in the Green Accreditation Scheme seemed a logical fit. While we have started at the entry level of Bronze Accreditation we now have the basis to progress to Silver and beyond.

“By taking this first step we can now become more environmentally aware of what we do, how we do it and the resultant impact upon the environment through which we travel.” 

How to Register

Register here for our green accreditation scheme and choose the level of accreditation that you want to achieve (i.e. bronze, silver or gold).

If you would like to find out more about how our environmental specialists can help your organisation with its environmental goals, contact our Customer Service Centre on 08 8300 0103.

Pictured is Brett Miller from Business SA with Zoe Waterman and Don Corey from Great Southern Rail.

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