Changes to fees

The 2010-2011 State Budget included a number of changes to fees and charges that the EPA administers.

Solid Waste Levy

In the 2010-2011 Budget it was announced that from July 2011 the solid waste levy will increase to $35 a tonne in metropolitan Adelaide (from $26) and $17.50 in non-metropolitan Adelaide (from $13). 

The revenue collected from the levy will continue to fund a diverse range of programs – including continuing to improve waste recovery/diversion and taking action to prevent illegal dumping.

In conjunction with the increase to the levy, the Government has also sought a review of the structure of the levy, which will be commissioned by Zero Waste SA.

Licence Fees

A tiered fee structure is proposed, to be introduced from July 2012 that reflects the complexity of licence applications.

Less complex, straightforward licence applications will be charged the lowest application fee, whilst more complex technical and large scale licence applications which will incur a higher fee to reflect the technical expertise from across the agency that needs to be dedicated to the assessment process.

This new model seeks to apply fees in an equitable manner and remove cross subsidisation. Further information will be provided to licensees as the adjusted fee model is developed.


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