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Business SA has voiced its concerns over the impending carbon tax and the impact that it will have on the competitiveness of the local business community.

A recent survey of Business SA members indicated that 85% of businesses believe that a carbon price will have a negative impact on their business.

It is expected that as costs for businesses go up, prices will follow and this will make businesses less competitive and put jobs at risk.

The increased costs from a price on carbon will not just be absorbed, they will be passed on and will be felt throughout the community, at a time when electricity, water, rates and levies are also rising.

In light of the impending price of carbon, organisations can limit liabilities by acting now to improve energy efficiency and overall sustainability.

This can include simple things like managing peak demand loads, improving energy efficiency and energy management behaviour/culture within your organisation (ie. to get staff to turn off lights).

If you are interested in learning more about how Business SA can assist you to reduce your carbon footprint, and implement sustainable change, contact Brett Miller, Senior Environment and Sustainability Consultant at or (08) 8300 0097.

Did you know?

- Australia’s energy production costs are cheap – we’re currently ranked as the 6th cheapest energy producing nation in the world

- By 2020 – 20% of Australia’s electricity supply will be provided by renewables

- By 2020 –33% of South Australia’s electricity supply will be provided by renewables

- South Australia has the advantage of being the cleanest electricity producing grid out of any state in Australia (in terms of carbon emissions), with 13 wind farms currently within operations and another 184 MWh of wind generation in development

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