Injury Prevention for Office Workers - 19 July

Every job makes a different set of demands on the body. The issue of how this impacts employees and what can be done to reduce or eliminate adverse effects is receiving a lot of attention. The key is that by using proper ergonomic techniques, employees can be safer and more productive as well as feel better at the end of the day.

Introduction to the role of an OHS Coordinator - 20 July

Essential training for the newly or recently appointed OHS Coordinator. What is your role compared with others? Learn to work smarter not harder.

Health and Safety Representative training - level 1 - 25 July

Especially designed for the newly elected health and safety representatives.

Leadership in the Workplace - 26 July

Leadership in the workplace plays an important and complex role in the development of any business

Disciplining and Terminating Staff to Avoid Unfair Dismissals - 28 July

Do you understand the correct principles and procedures to avoid unfair dismissals?

Understanding behaviours in the workplace - 2 August

Why do people behave the way they do?

Committee Member Training - 4 August

Learn how to work effectively as an OHS committee member.

Review and Update Day for Continuing Representatives - 4 August

Ongoing updates to your skills and knowledge is important to ensure you stay abreast of any changes

Health and Safety Representative training - level 2 - 8 August - Spencer Gulf

Especially designed for Health and Safety Representatives in their Second year of Office.

Workers Compensation for Claims Administrators - 10 August

Workers compensation claims administration essentials – basic claims management.

Project Management Skills - 9 August

Learn practical project management techniques and skills to help you manage projects efficiently and effectively.

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