Peter VaughanWelcome to the September issue of xpress.

There are many challenges facing local businesses and Business SA has released a booklet outlining the big ten issues currently having a major impact on the business community.

It shouldn’t just be during an election campaign or in a State Budget submission that attention is directed towards the issues facing South Australian businesses.

Whether it is the two-speed economy, the uncompetitive taxation levels, the carbon price uncertainty or the unproductive workplace laws, there are a lot issues coming together to restrict the local economy from reaching its potential.

It’s a very tough environment out there and, as highlighted in this edition of xpress, the booklet outlines the issues that are restricting our local businesses from focussing on what they do best.

We welcomed the Reserve Bank’s decision earlier this week to keep interest rates on hold, however we strongly believe that serious consideration should be given to a rate reduction.

Last year, interest rates had a major impact on spending in the lead up to Christmas and it is time to give consumers the confidence to get out and boost economic activity in the lead up to the Christmas trading period.

Speaking of consumer spending, after three months of declining retail trade, it was pleasing that trade increased in South Australia’s retail figures released last week.

Our State has been hit hard by a drop in consumer spending over recent months and while it was only a small increase, it exceeded the national average for the month.

The retail sector is a significant employer here in South Australia and it is essential that consumer confidence is able to build momentum in the second half of this year.

We were provided with a taste of the city’s future last weekend with AFL at Adelaide Oval.

While the re-developed oval and new riverbank precinct will provide a much bigger attraction in 2014, it was great to experience a more vibrant CBD and the flow-on benefits to businesses throughout the area.

The presentation of the Business SA 2011 Export Awards will be held next month and it promises to again be a great event as we pay tribute to some of the State’s finest exporters.

All businesses are welcome to attend and more details are available on the Business SA website.

Business SA’s popular networking series has continued with the latest event at the Adelaide Football Club. A full wrap-up of the event is available in this issue of xpress.

Also in this issue we have a look at the assistance being offered from Business SA and we catch up with a couple of Business SA members.

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