WOW event

Business SA has another big Women of the World event on Wednesday 16 November at the National Wine Centre of Australia.

The Women of the World events provide the opportunity for South Australian business women to network, develop skills, gain knowledge and inspiration from other like-minded successful women.

The successful 2011 series has provided women (and men) in every industry with the opportunity to hear from some of South Australia’s most successful business women who are willing to share their journey to success, how they deal with work/life balance and their roles within the industry.

The next event will feature a presentation titled Brand it like Beckham presented by Gray Management Group (GMG) Managing Directors Cathy Gray and Lee Boys.

In the Brand it like Beckham presentation, GMG explains that personal branding is not new but is becoming more important with social media honed in on personal profiling.

CathCathy Gray says, “Personal branding however extends beyond just online presence, it lends itself to your working and personal persona and involves taking control of how people see you, establishing credibility, and a personal point of difference.

“Every great PR campaign has a strategy, a plan, and personal branding is no different. Think about who you are and who you want to be and map stepping stones to get there, this can involve setting personal goals, engaging key influencers and establishing personal brand descriptors.

“People must also remember your personal brand should be treated like a product lifecycle, brands go through distinctive stages of growth, maturity and decline, which also applies to personal brands,” says Gray.

With over 750 million users on Facebook and 100 million each on Twitter and LinkedIn, all of these platforms promote personal branding and leveraging these tools to be advantageous from a branding perspective is possible if you are strategic in your approach.

LeeLee Boys adds, “You can have the most amazing online presence but if you are going to hide behind a keyboard this will mean your personal branding will fall flat. Old fashioned networking is still one of the most essential skills, but ensure you are fishing in the right pool of people that meet your personal branding objectives.

“Networking, for namesake means you actually have to cast that net and work at it. Work at being memorable, collecting information, adding value and following up, these are the sure-fire ways to build your personal brand,” says Boys.


This is your chance to win the prize you have all been waiting for! By attending this event you will have the chance to win a stunning $8,900 diamond ring, kindly donated by Martin Rogers Jewellers.

Networking Event Details

Date and Time
Wednesday 16 November 2011 at 5.30pm - 7.30pm

National Wine Centre of Australia, Corner of Botanic and Hackney Road, Adelaide
A fine array of canapés and beverages will be provided

Members $55.00 inc GST
Non - Members $77.00 inc gst

Women and men welcome.

Register online.

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